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As someone who've seen many clients who've experienced their headlights reoxidizing one to two months after they paid someone to remove the oxidation, I love to provide for them the UV coating ceramic that keeps them satisfied for two years with great headlight clarity that looks new. As a headlight restoration service, I can relate to other mobile headlight servce operators as well. How hard it is to find all the tools one needs to service clients vehicles. So I've created a page for all the tools they need to do the job.  




Since 2014, Car Light Cleaners has been providing top notch headlight clarity for clients. CLC has been producing headlight restoration courses for a number of years that has made money for our students who got into the business as well. 



Car buyers are oblivious to how they can avoid headlight oxidation. After buying a new vehicle, they are only focused on washing and polishing the paint job to keep the vehice looking nice. But car owners often neglect to wash and polish the vehicles headlights also. So after 5 to 6 years of ownership, they begin to notice their headlights starting to yellow and oxidize. 



The oxidation can be avoided by simply cleaning and polishing the headlights every 3 months with perscribed headlight maintenance products. Meguiar's PlastX cleaner and polisher is perfect for this quarterly task. To me it is a must have for every auto detail job performed for headlights. 



When oxidation has become severe, it is too late to use any polishing products. The oxidation must be removed by means of wet sanding and then a replacement of a UV hard coating to prevent oxidation from coming back. Some headlight restoration services may only remove the oxidation and then polish for the finishing process. Customers have complained after 3 to 4 months of seeing their headlights reoxidize again. A UV hard coating must be replaced on the headlights after the oxidation is removed. The UV coating will help to keep the headlights clear for up to two years. CAR LIGHT CLEANER mobile headlight restoration servicing Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta, Cartersville, Canton, Adairsville GA is a highly preferred service that will consistantly provide a UV hard coating  with 9HMR FIX Auto Ceramic Coating.  



So if you want to avoid oxidized headlights, clean and polish your headlights on a quarterly basis. 

Headlight restoration can cost you as much as $150. You can learn to perform headlight restoration on your own vehicle and save yourself the high cost of paying to have it done by accessing a detailed how to training video at CarLightCleaner.com